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Precision GNSS Receivers





  AsteRx2i HDC IMU enhanced GPS/GLONASS Dual-frequency housed Receiver in high-impact plastic housing

AsteRx2i HDC processes high-quality GNSS measurements with IMU-measurements to generate an enhanced integrated position. This results in an all-in-view dual-frequency GPS/GLONASS receiver capable of providing precise positioning in shadowed environments where GNSS-only receivers fail. In addition attitude information such as heading, pitch and roll is provided.


AsteRx2eH Pro GPS/GLONASS Dual-frequency Heading receiver

Dual frequency Multi-antenna Receivers in waterproof aluminum housing.steRx2eH PRO is a single-board dual-frequency dual-antenna GPS/GLONASS heading receiver integrated in a waterproof aluminum housing, specially designed for demanding machine control, marine survey, photogrammetry and other multi-antenna applications. As member of the AsteRx-family of compact receivers, AsteRx2eH is built around the same advanced GNSS chipset and shares the family’s high-quality all-in-view GPS and GLONASS tracking and advanced signal processing algorithms for robust tracking and high precision positioning, even in challenging environments.















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